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The first release of Arcanheim Interactive, "Tale of Prisso" is a game where you play as a prism navigating its way through mesmerizing crystalline caverns and solving puzzles by using the laws of reflection and refraction, in a quest for photons and ultimately Illuminating the universe, overrun by darkness and other hazards. With it's intuitive controls and an engaging gameplay, Tilted was designed with a vision for it to be a warm welcome to newcomers and an old embrace for veterans. With innovative game mechanics and features introduced every few levels, Tilted is guaranteed to give the gamer a truly immersive experience.

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Crystalline Green World Endless Mode Zoomed Out mode Main Menu Avatar Selection


Master Skin Devil Suit Prom Night Suit Christmas Cap Ninja Suit

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Best-Puzzle-Netherlands NGDC-Catapooolt-Contest-Winner-2017 Featured-on-Google-Play-Early-Access

Play as Prisso, a prism on a journey across the fantasy world of Lumenos and make your way through twisted crystal caves engulfed in darkness and filled with dangers. Refract and reflect lasers to activate portals to progress. Can you defeat the minions of darkness lurking in the shadows and free Lumenos?

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