Arcanheim Interactive
Based in Pune, India

Founding date:
November, 2016


Press / Business contact:


Tale Of Prisso

RK One, Dam Road
Rasta Peth
Pune, India

+91 (0) 98 81 44 11 55


Arcanheim Interactive is an independent game studio founded in 2016 by former Ubisoft employees. We are hard core gamers with a passion to make some of the best original games. Our primary focus is on creating unique and fresh gameplay mechanics to entertain casual as well as hardcore gamers.


Early history

For us, the co founders, it was not a matter of if but when we enter the world of indie game dev. Stubborn to make something different and new, a lot of initial game ideas and concepts were scrapped. Inspiration struck at a bistro (of all places). Turns out "How about something to do with lights and refraction?" was all the inspiration we needed.

After that

What followed was 3 guys working on a PC and a laptop researching, brainstorming and building the preliminary game play mechanics of "Tale of Prisso", fueled by an almost endless supply of coffee. Over the next couple of months, after overcoming a few hurdles, we found ourselves with a registered company, a small office space and a small team of artists and interns. With a successful alpha and closed beta now behind us, we are inching closer to the launch of our first game. With a lot of ideas and projects in pipeline, we are optimistic and excited about the future. It's been an amazing journey so far and we intend to grow bigger and bigger with each project.



Tale of Prisso iOS Launch YouTube

Tale of Prisso Android Launch YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Mayuraj Deshmukh
    Design, CEO

    Sumeet Pawar
    Game Design, Shifu

    Aditya Shinde
    Game Dev, Jedi

    Pankaj Kamble
    Artist, PNKZ

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